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Video Description Canadian stud gets his cock sucked
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Alec Leduc
Alec Leduc has nice full lips and a great smile, but today he's using his mouth for something quite different. Sitting next to his new friend Trystan Bull, he first unzips Trystan's shorts and then begins to feast on his meaty cock. His dick grows and swells between Alec's lips as Trystan encourages his friend with a firm hand on the back of Alec's head and pushes him deeper onto his cock.
Video Description Two hot and hung jocks have oral sex
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Rylan Shaw
The hours are sometimes long and unappreciated as team assistant but Rylan Shaw makes the most of it by concentrating on the positives. One of the perks is that while he is cleaning up the locker room he sometimes gets to see his favorite player, Trystan Bull, undressing after practice. Of course when Trystan needs help winding down after a hard game...
Video Description Hung boy sucks off a football player
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Rylan Shaw
Rylan Shaw has recently been hired as a team assistant for a private soccer club. His job is to mostly clean up after the team, but general player assistance is also part of his job and this task is where he excels. For instance the team captain Trystan Bull comes into the locker room after practice with sore muscles and Rylan is on hand to offer him some relief...
Video Description Young guy sucks off his handsome friend
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Jamie Swallow
As Trystan enjoys a little porno on the TV, Jamie spies him, but stays quiet and begins jerking his own dick. When Trystan spots him, he calls Jamie over to join in the fun. Jamie is impressed with Trystan's physique, especially his fat erection. He goes in for a taste and is welcomed by Trystan. Soon Trystan is in prime, mouth fucking position, sliding his cock swiftly in and out...
Video Description Guy spies on his handsome friend jerking off
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Jamie Swallow
Trystan Bull had a pretty wild and crazy night, there was only one problem, he didn't get any action! He's returned home for a little relaxing and rejuvenation and for Trystan, that means stroking his cock! Interestingly Trystan has a houseguest for a few days, but he doesn't think Jamie Swallow is around. Perfect time to pleasure himself...
Video Description Stud feasts on his friends ass in the kitchen
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Johan LaPointe
In this episode Johan proves that he knows his way around a kitchen, as he first tosses Trystan's salad and then douses the salad with just the right amount of dressing. Trystan is so impressed he cums himself in disbelief, and the two of them feast in exasperated contentment. This is sure to be one recipe you'll want to try in your home soon!
Video Description Chef gets sucked off in the kitchen
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Johan LaPointe
Trystan Bull is hosting a party and is busy preparing his favorite dishes. Johan LaPointe is assisting Trystan in the kitchen with the prep work, but it's obvious he is more interested in Trystan's sausage than the ones in the pan. Fortunately this is precisely Trystan's plan, as his salad dressing calls for a certain special man made ingredient...
Video Description Hunky stripper fucks a guy on stage
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Dylan Cross
Trystan Bull is the hottest item on stage at Bull Ranch, a strip club frequented by a certain Dylan Cross. Dylan hasn't seen Trystan here before but he wants to get to know him a little more intimately. As a dancer, Trystan is well aware of the look men get when they're craving a lap dance and he can see that look in Dylan's gaze...
Video Description Studly stripper gets sucked off on stage
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Dylan Cross
When Dylan agrees to a lap dance, Trystan pulls him on stage. As things heat up Dylan is soon enjoying Trystan's long, hard stripper cock in his mouth. Every inch is better than what he expected! He can't believe this incredibly sexy dancer would allow him the pleasure of sucking him off on stage...
Video Description Young guy gets fucked on the porch
Featured Models Trystan Bull and Ben Rose
When Trystan and Ben have their night ruined by cancellations Trystan suggests they hold their own private party. Ben thinks about it for a second before taking out Trystan's cock and beginning to suck it. While being serviced Trystan begins removing Ben's pants, eventually getting his hands on Ben's ass cheeks which makes him even harder as he imagines fucking that tight ass.
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